“ An energetic speaker who engages her audience, Laura provided strategies for our girls to see the power they have within themselves to handle whatever comes their way. She left them feeling EMPOWERED!”

     -- Gina D.,

         Girls Empowered co-advisor

"Your presentation was passionate and inspirational. You did an excellent job of helping your audience develop a better understanding of what multiple sclerosis is and how it impacts your life."                

  -- Ron Miller, medical laboratory scientist for UW Hospital

"Laura Sowinski has the gift of presenting important information in a very engaging way.  She makes a connection that leaves participants knowing more and feeling more deeply about a topic."                

             -- Jim Lynch, AWSA.org

"Thank you for coming. I really appreciate your spirit and what you taught me to be POSITIVE. Thank you, because the taps really let me breathe with relief and it made me happier. I love the “a-ok" method! It’s always so funny…my friends and I love it! It gives me strength, and it makes me OKAY! I really enjoy the energy ball; it actually makes me zen, and it lets me feel STRONG! Oh, thank you, thank you! You are SUPERIOR and kind! I really enjoyed your speech and all the methods!"

     -- ChiaNa V. 6th grader

"Your positive message was so important for our students to hear. I believe that many of the girls who heard your message today will use the methods you taught them when they are going through difficult times. I was also personally interested in your messages about positive energy and would love to learn more. Raising three teenage daughters often keeps me up at night, so I know exactly when I will use the tapping strategy that you taught. Thank you for taking your time to talk to our girls!"

     --Julie Weyenberg,

      Girls Empowered co-advisor

"Laura is a wise person with meaningful and interesting stories that can help you in your personal field. She also isn’t content with the shallowness of the current society. On the contrary, she searches for different knowledge sources which she has shared with me. Laura has broadened my knowledge getting me into the world of healing and energy." 

       -- Mar S., Madrid, SPAIN

"Laura has believed in me from day one. She saw my potential and always pushed me just beyond my comfort zone, which helped me dream bigger and reach further than I ever thought possible. She is the embodiment of strength, resilience, optimism, and integrity. Anyone who crosses her path will leave feeling inspired and encouraged. I am truly blessed to call this amazing woman a dear friend and mentor!"       

     -- Allie D.,